Celebrity Status

At Kroger, when we go out to eat in a restaurant, in the waiting room at doctor appointments, while playing at the park, walking through parking lots, even at the Arby’s in Laurel, Mississippi, nearly everywhere we go, Ellie draws attention. “I have a special friend like her.” “She is just so cute. They are always so happy.” “Look at that angel. You know, she … Continue reading Celebrity Status

Sitting Still

There was a big thud at the bottom of the playground slide. “You better watch out! You could have been killed,” the boy yells at Jack, who had been playing at the bottom of the slide. “I couldn’t be killed. I was picking up rocks,” Jack says to the older one, standing so they are now looking at each other eye to eye. “How old … Continue reading Sitting Still

Comparison is the thief of joy

Ellie just finished her annual evaluations and both of the kids just had their regular wellness checkups. I’ve been answering questions and questionnaires, second guessing and comparing everything for about a month. I compare the kids to each other. I compare the kids to other kids their age. I compare myself to others. It’s hard not to do. Ellie is 15 months old this week. … Continue reading Comparison is the thief of joy